Happy 2016 what’s happening this year?

Expect to have a more “Connected and Cognative Era” ahead.

Technological innovation has reinvented the way are time and time again. 2016’s tech trends will change yet again – and enhancing the way we learn, play, and most importantly, connect with other.

Gone are the days of tech for the geek, 2016’s trends are more likely to be based on consumer and consumption.

Below are the Top 5 tech trends that will change the year ahead.

1: Bio-Security

Year 2015 saw a few, with some trial biometric security devices. These include Apple’s and Android’s fingerprint recognition and facial recognition software from Windows 10.


2: Social media

10 years ago only 7% of American adults used social networking sites, now 65% do, and a full 90% percent of young people between the ages of 18 to 29 use some form of social media.

At this rate, social media could only expand, and is expected to erradicate most traditional communication methods.

3: Drones and hooverboards

More drone advancements are reportedly expected in 2016 despite slow consumer sales.

The video below is an exciting addition to the drone lineup, which seems like a real, non-combustible hoverboard from the looks of it.

Video of Hooverboard

With drones huge enough to support actual people, they could pave the way for drone deliveries. According to Mashable, such deliveries could even be a trend before the year ends.

4: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence was a thing believed by sci-fi fanatics and movie makers, but since 2011, Siri voice assistant, that thinking has become a thing of the past.

In 2016, IBM’s Watson supercomputer, which was introduced in 2011, has grown into “a sophisticated utility player” analyzing people’s social media responses to synthesize how humans deal with situations. Watson is currently able to understand different languages such as English, Japanese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. It can also “cover other aspects of the human condition, such as areas called ’emotional intelligence'”, according to IBM Watson’s CTO Rob High.

“This is the ability to understand what kinds of emotion people are experiencing or what they are expressing in their text or voice or visual representation or expression,” High added.

5: Virtual Reality

Mobile devices have mostly dominated the tech marketplace for the past few years, 2016 will bring the Oculus Rift, which will not only offer a VR interface, but will allow the user to become part of the story and live out fantastic new realms of discovery.



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