“Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”

Recently I was talking with a director friend of mine who works in a intellectual property company.  We discussed issues ranging from the weather, families and work.  As usual we always go back to work issues and think of the best solutions on the market and what projects are you focused on as a company?

I was surprised to hear that a cloud solution may be an option for IBM to look at.



As we explored each section he said the famous word’s “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”  I laughed then asked why do you say that.

The reason was more retorical than he thought, well IBM are known to be

Safe: the-vault-door-weighs-more-than-20-tons-no-single-person-has-the-combination-and-each-one-can-be-filled-with-water



and it does what it says on the label!Picture1



Well I said guess your right, so when do you want to place the order?



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