Why I choose IBM!

I was thinking about my latest blog message then decided I will write about my work.

Most people I’m sure don’t chose to write about work, but rather the latest technologic breakthrough or new candy crush app.  However being an IBM’er really is amazing so many people will be like oh yeah, here we go again. someone looking for promotion or a sales pitch is just around the corner.  Nope, not this time don’t get me wrong if my your reading this Lynn “MY MANAGER”, I’m still wanting to push for promotion, but I want you all to know why I love being an IBM’er.

I should let you know a little bit more about me, I started out working in various sectors of industry from retail, Patent and trademarks renewals to finance and now technology.  Should you want to Link with me please click here to see my LinkedIn profile to confirm what i’m saying:

Link to my profile

Anyway back to WHY IBM? When the chance arose to work for IBM, I also had an alternative offering from another US-based firm, who like IBM offered me a fantastic package.  I looked at both contracts and in fact on paper the other company could prove to have been more lucrative to me in simple financial terms.  However I remembered my interviews with both companies and the people in each company they both had highly educated respected people in each sector, however I remembered one for being more open and honest about the role.  I also remembered how they appear to be humble and sincere in the approach.  I went on a week’s holiday before deciding, just in case I was making a wrong decision.  So, I had chosen IBM! I then called the other company and thanked them for the offer and thought great I have another 2 days of my holiday to go.  I can relax and enjoy it.  When I then was called back and asked If I wanted an additional €5,000.00, in my basic salary to join the other company.  Well this made my head spin, I thought both companies are well recognised and both have wonderful packages how will I decide who is the best for me?

So I came off the phone in shock and like that I had a really big chose to make again, I sat down took 5 minutes to write out what my perception of the companies had been from my engagement with them, I then looked on-line and saw various opinions on each of the companies.  This again had not solved anything for me, I then looked at possible training each would provide IBM out scored the other by far.  I then recalled what was said to me about IBM and where it can take you.  I then went on to you tube and looked at what the employees had to say well only 1 came out on top IBM.

IBM video:

It did not matter what I did, I kept coming back to the same feeling that IBM was really for me.  I then called the manager of the other company told him it was not an easy choice but I’m going to be an IBM’er the other manager said he wished me the very best and could understand why IBM came out on top.

I have been with IBM for 2 years last September, I have travelled to Barcelona to Amsterdam and Salou.

IBM have also provided my with over 120 hours in training over the past 2 years, I work with such a diverse culture of people everyday and love the differences and the connections we all share at IBM.

Was I wrong not a chance!

In 2 years I have found a working environment that is truly special and makes me #think!

My IBM experience so far!:

If you are looking out for a company that invests in you and makes moments memorable I for one can say 3 letters that you should consider above all IBM!

For those of you who are wondering who the other company was I gave you a clue in my video so watch and tell me if you know?

Answer who the “other” company was on my Text Chat

Talk today about anything IBM


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