What can the future hold for you the client?

What matters most to me is my client/customer?

I always struggle to answer this as it will change from client to client, but the common theme is they want your help!

Simple answer if I have no client/customer I have no job.  I think we all look to do our best to help our clients and as the pace of business moves faster we need to adapt or “Die”.

The reality is if you don’t someone else will, I’m a big fan of predictive analytics as this helps provide insight and lessens the impact of the unknown.  Provides that insight to a tough business choice,that you may not be able to see, if your stuck in the day-to-day invest and return bottom line figures.

We have just started to turn a corner again in the economic climate and we have a little more in our wallet/purse/budget.

I would assume we want VALUE for our MONEY!


So how do we make this choice?  A lot of my clients use SPSS see the link:

Why do they want this, the owner knows his customer right?

Well my answer is,

  • How often do you talk with them directly?
  • How many times have you spoken with a customer in the last month?
  • What do they want tomorrow from your company?
  • Do you have true insight?



If you could answer the above without issue, then don’t talk to me keep talking to your customer!

Today we all need that little insight to help not just us get more money, but our client/customer recognise you in the same way, they know their doctor!


Trust you, ask for your advise when things are not going right and on some occasions just need a chat.

So call me to get your diagnosis should you think it’s not running 100%.

To Contact me simply click

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