Follow your dreams!

If you have been fortunate enough to obtain your dreams and goals in life, well congratulations.

I’m one of those who always wants more a greedy sod, someone who strives to have more and do more. I make no excuse for this, as I think it is a healthy trait for anyone in business to have.  However also having 3 children and a fantastic wife at home, does not allow me to follow all my dreams all the time.

I wonder how many of you share this problem in your life?

The weight of responsibility is not easy to shift, not just that the strive to give more back to your family than you had.

This posses its own dilemma when you think, “I know best” without asking them what they really want.


Recently, I had this experience at home my oldest daughter Emma who will be 6 in October.  I over heard her saying, what she wants for her birthday to one of her friends.  Well, I will make sure she gets it! I said to myself.  So I went to the store & bought the item and you know what happened?

Yes, she has changed her mind and wants something else.

I was not as surprised as you might think by this change of heart, but I was surprised by what her gift request was.  “Dad can you stay home and not go to work for my birthday?”.


My daughter’s are the most special gift, I have ever had and this gift was given to me by the most amazing woman, I was also fortunate to marry.

This statement let me know as a parent, I might get things wrong from time to time, but I get theimportant things right as far as my family goes.



When we all go to work and think it’s important to put food on the table and ensure the kids have the latest toy’s.  We sometimes forget that what they really want is your interaction and attention for a period of time.

We should apply this to our customers, on more occasions they in effect are our children.  I don’t mean, tell them what to do! but listen to them.

It’s important to me that they grow and develop, let them make their own mark on the world and that we are here to support and guide them!  We never abandon them, we always care what they are thinking about, not least the next stage in their development.

Take time to understanding the “want’s” and “Needs” that they have.  Don’t think “I know best!”, because what you give them might be brilliant and the latest gadget out on the shops floors.  It might not be the thing, they really need and you don’t want them to despise you for it!

Thanks for listening to me bigging up my kids and family, but as I say, I only have 1 of them and mines is special!


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