Big Data in motion being agile is more important today than ever before!

What is this for your business?

IBM and Telco

Why is it important to be agile in today’s market?


Imagine you are waiting to be served at a customer service desk when returning poor goods.   Like I was no more than 2 days ago, I never had a good experience reason why I’m giving it “air” time today.

Already you are unhappy about your wasted efforts with the previous product and how it never stood up to the perception you had before purchasing it, when you stand in a line of people who appear to not be moving fast enough (Complaint 2).  Then Complaint 3 arrives just as fast as complaint 2 did, you notice 3 staff standing in the corner of the building laughing and talking about the weekend out.

unhappy with service

Just such an experience provides you the client with heightened stress, undue stress.

Now lets break this down with an app with big data, lets say the product a TV no longer works 2 days after buying it.  However the customer centre said simply log on to and download the app before you get to the store.  I do this then I send the receipt via a picture message to Customer service next I get a message asking what time to expect me from.

Showing off interactive notifications.

I then walk into the shop with my smart phone it detects, I’m here the alarm bells go off at customer service “UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!”  I then get a ping on my phone, please ask for John at Customer Service desk 1 Mr Macintyre.  As I approach “John” the store manager is walking over to me I explain the issue tv broke! John happily says no issue Mr Macintyre we have your replacement already over at collections I ask John how did you know I was here? Simple you let me know from your location information on your phone when you entered the building not only that Mr Macintyre you will also notice you have been given a credit of £25.00 on your next purchase we see you have bought photographs each month from us for the last 3 months, all you do is simply bring your code on the phone to the shop and we will honour it. This couldn't be any simpler.

Well this is being agile and using todays knowledge to benefit your client is it wrong that we are all busy in this time and age of digital that data should work better for us?


Providing those insights that make a difference in profit and retention of clients who have little loyalty like before, it’s time for business to be Agile do you agree? – Rep Page – Twitter – Google+ – Linkedin

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