Men: How Feminist Are You?

Did I Fail try yourself for the Feminist in you!

The Tusk


1. The movie Trainwreck was________________

A. Pretty good

B. A better than average romantic comedy.

C. A betrayal of the revolution

2. Amy Schumer’s massive popularity is in some part due to__________

A. The fact that she’s pretty funny and very well marketed.

B. The fact that she falls just barely short of what’s commonly considered attractive for an actress, so dudes feel proud of themselves for wanting to fuck her.

C. The fact she’s a fearless truth teller keenly attuned to the failings of 21st century American life

3. Any problems with the gender politics portrayed in Trainwreck are probably the direct fault of_______________

A. The film’s indecision as to whether Schumer’s character, who was maybe a tad too unlikable, needed to be redeemed or not

B. Unrealistically high expectations on the part of the audience and an inability to perceive a flawed female character as anything other…

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