To those who said that I can’t do it, Well, watch me!

Sometimes it’s hard to go on, when you try but fail.  Does this ring true for you?

I have heard this and I always #think is it just my or is that someone else putting there issues on me?


When you get that akward conversation or no one notices the effort or realises what you have done in a day week or month to put that extra in but they just find fault.

You think, “i’m taken for grated”, then is it time to move on or just time to say well it’s ME  Motivation Energised! = ME!

Often when we care about others opinions it can be just 1 person who is influancing the others around them to look the same way they think.  It might even be true so we have to look at ourself with objective views.  This as you can understand requires the correct circumstances and place to do right, perhaps A room without disturbance?

Anyway don’t beat yourself up others will be quick to do that to you, but look at what is relevant and apply it to your life, make those small changes and work work work at it.


No-one gives you anything in this world, that you have not earned!

Remember to put the effort in and sucess is its own reward, what is your sucess you decide you make it relevant to you.

No-one knows you better than you, don’t be selfish but be protective of you and never ever lose site of you!


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