Greece is a greek tragedy!

IMF have said it’s time to pay the Greeks say no!


What now? no one really knows what will happen share prices rise and fall but really what impact does this have on me, my family and friends?

I don’t have the answers I assume Greece will no longer trade with the rest of the European union or have gain from the benefits of being a member of the EU either.

The way I see this mess is will other member states think why don’t we just say no to the IMF. Like Ireland Ireland the “honest John” of the EU.  Yeah we are struggling EU but we will pay you back!


I would love us to take the same stance as the Greeks but we are different as so much of Ireland’s business is from the IT sector and international companies that use Ireland for tax reasons.  Not for the quality or precise nature or even business acumen. Simply to have lower tax payments routed through the country to make them more money.

It’s truly a miracle at this stage people in Ireland have not started to withdraw money from there accounts also! I think Greece will stay as part of the  EU in somewhat a lesser state but still trading as a EU member because simply the rest of Europe have to much invested in them.



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