Awaken your thoughts and make them real!


Some days I’m caught up in the normally day to day, that I forget to have some “Escapism”.  I like no one else love to live inside my world it’s great everyone’s great and life is good for all.  I think this is important for everyone to have that special place that retreat that noone no matter how hard life is can take away from you.

Look at the characteristic of Andy Depree in Shawshank, I think you will agree a fantastic film of free thought.


This man was innocent did not belong in the environment that he found himself in but had strength of conviction to stand true and “fight the good fight!” He won in the end but was not given his time back which was the most important gift we all have. However was given the freedom of thought which ensured his will would never fault.

This is an example of not positive thinking, but awareness of that which drives us as people. More important to ensure we never lose this from within as I think we lose something special that can never be replaced.

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