Are we more than just skin and bone?

Well this question came out in conversation recently, I would state for the record I’m a christian but not overly religious I think each to there own.  However on this occasion I thought I’m actually going to share my thoughts on “God, supreme being or all seeing one” I explained my concept and understanding of this entity and how we have awareness of our own mortality.

Set out the case to explain why we should have faith in something after death.  The one question my debater through back at me was think about this your “dead for ever! or your with your loved ones in this placed called heaven forever” well i did and then they said, “now think of it how can they be with you and with there families also?”.  Again I tried my best to explain to the person about my time and space and creation theory. All the time being respectful to the other persons opinion. I even laid out well what happens if your i’m wrong? In their out lined picture nothing it end’s, finished, outta here, gone, no longer.

So why not just have something to HOPE for after all this life is short enough without being pessimistic about the end.  Call me cuckoo but I like the cloud I live in as it has silver lining!

If your choice is different then so be it I don’t think I’m right your wrong but have respect for each other that is in effect the way we all get to move forward in life.

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