Is it OK if I drive?

Nice writing!



Once in a blue moon a whole bunch of things come together and they force you to step back and think about the bigger picture. I recently read a book by an author called Daniel Pink – it’s called ‘Drive’ – and the content is really a dissertation on why we do what we do. Not a small topic! It’s a well-crafted ‘package’ and the Kindle edition even contains a succinct summary (to tweet to explain the book’s premise). There’s even a section with ‘leading questions’ for your book club – to prompt discussions about motivation. I don’t think I have seen a book previously that was so cleverly extrapolated – if that’s the correct phrase on this occasion. So, interesting in itself.

But back to MY version of events – the non-canned content summary. What Pink very plausibly presents is the proposition that we all need ‘more’ – but…

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