The Assertive Woman

The Assertive Woman very interesting insight men also have the issue asking now in todays society with the fear of being seen as aggressive arrogant or rude to the female sex. I hope as the years turn these inequalities also change. I want to do great things in life and don’t want to stand on anyone male or female to get to my goal. I don’t see many stats on ages on those salary figures as I think historical data does effect salary figures within men and females alike. Only my views not that of my company.

Katherine Miller

A couple weeks ago, my sister and I spent some time nosing through the stacks of a great used bookstore. In the children’s section, she found some lovely early edition Winnie the Pooh books and I picked up Cherry Ames: Country Doctor’s Nurse. On the back cover, Cherry speaks in a cartoon bubble to her readers: “Girls! How would you like a nursing career? I can tell you that the excitement, romance and adventure make my career thrilling, and make my books thrilling, too.” The other books in the series are listed, too. My favorites are Cherry Ames: Department Store Nurse and Cherry Ames: Dude Ranch Nurse. But thoughts on Cherry Ames will have to wait for another blog post. For I also spent some time in the small women’s study section of the store and found a gem: The Assertive Woman.

photoThe Assertive Woman, by Stanlee…

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